Why Would You Consult a Hypnotherapist?

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For decades ordinary people have benefitted from consulting with qualified hypnotherapists for drug-free, dignified help with the ordinary problems of life.  The use of the state of hypnosis to enable change at the deepest levels – the subconscious level- has been around for centuries.

Hypnotherapy refers to the therapy done while the client is in the state of hypnosis (the relaxed brain wave state).  In of itself hypnosis (the state of relaxation) changes little.  In well-trained hands however, this state can allow for client self-exploration, self-healing and self-determination.  Every day research is finding increasingly more significant benefits of using hypnosis to heal and help people of all walks of life, and of all ages…from depression and emotional suffering to pain management, weight loss and weight gain.

Anger, fears, resentment, frustration, grief, shame, guilt, addictions to a myriad of substances and activities all seem to find resolution with hypnotherapy for many clients tired of living with the shackles of feelings they neither deserve nor understand.  Even the effects of bullying can be neutralized with hypnotherapy and a competent hypnotherapist can help children overcome their fears of going to school and teach them techniques for managing their situation.

Those who have suicidal thoughts benefit greatly from speaking with a hypnotherapist, because hypnotherapy offers everyone the ability to look inside to find their own answers.  Hypnotherapy can help sufferers of depression and low self-esteem learn that in fact they are an equal creation of the Universe, an equally important piece of the Universal puzzle and without them, the puzzle is simply not complete.

It is a safe, drug-free therapy that strives to empower a client and help them regain control of their life’s journey and gratitude for their lives. If you have any issues that keep you from being happy and content, you can consult a competent hypnotherapist for non-invasive, non-drug self-healing assistance.

NOTE THAT HYPNOTHERAPISTS DO NOT DIAGNOSE, THEREFORE IF YOU FEEL YOU HAVE ISSUES THAT REQUIRE MEDICAL ATTENTION, YOU ARE ADVISED TO CONSULT WITH YOUR MEDICAL DOCTOR. Most informed doctors are aware of the benefits of hypnotherapy and you can discuss hypnotherapy as a treatment with them.


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