What happens after hypnotherapy?

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What happens after hypnotherapy sets the stage for the new relationship a client develops with themselves over the rest of their lifetimes. At GracePlace Wellness, in the 30 days after the first two therapeutic sessions, clients provide weekly progress reports. The goal of the therapy is essentially to help a client recover control over all aspects of their lives they need in order to feel safe and secure in their world.

Progress Reports provide vitally important information to help the hypnotherapist guide the client to achieving 100% benefit from the process of releasing all underlying negative emotional roots. Once the therapeutic sessions (usually only 2 are required at GracePlace Wellness) a client typically feels a significant shift to calmness and feelings of well being and safety.

Although a client may feel calm and non-reactionary to most past stressors after hypnotherapy, they may still be engaged in old negative thinking habits. To this end, the hypnotherapist will help a client change their negative thinking behavior – which always leads to stress reactions and the release of unhealthy stress hormones – by directing attention to dissolving old neural pathways in favor of establishing new neural pathways that provide a calm, controlled reaction. This change is facilitated by the embedding in session of a powerful subconscious anchor for calmness.

Calmness is extremely important in that it provides the client with a delayed reaction between the trigger (stressor) and the subsequent action during which a person can make an objective assessment of the situation. From a place of calmness one can make decisions in their highest good because they have the opportunity to remain objective and because they recognize the situational character of the stressor event. When one automatically reacts to a trigger/stressor from a place of chronic anxiety and stress, one quickly starts engaging in distorted thinking and this thinking creates further negative reaction, all causing a constant looping of unproductive thinking and behavior.

At GracePlace Wellness we have recognized that it is not enough to assist the client to permanently dissolve the long-standing reason for their chronic anxiety and sadness, but to help them take that new found feeling of calmness and wellness to levels of complete control in all areas of their lives. The ability to remain calm without struggle gives all persons the launching pad to health, wellness and happiness we all strive for.

I would like to mention that a client’s success with hypnotherapy is as much a factor of the client’s readiness and willingness to heal themselves as it is the competency of the hypnotherapist. A hypnotist is rarely trained in hypnotherapy and it especially important that you check carefully the credentials of the hypnotherapist you are considering to help you with your journey to wellness. Please do take the time to review Choosing Your Hypnotherapist at my website to avail yourself of many excellent tips on how to find a great hypnotherapist.


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