Does Hypnotherapy Work?

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No doubt the millions of people who have experienced the life-changing benefits of hypnotherapy over the decades would shout a resounding yes, hypnotherapy does indeed work. And what’s more, it works without drugs, surgery or long talk therapy. Even such esteemed research hospitals as the Mayo Clinic have enthusiastically touted the benefits of hypnotherapy for many issues, including pain management and relief. It is equally beneficial for children and adults.

Hypnotherapy is a self-healing modality and anyone who is ready and willing to simply follow a hypnotherapist’s basic instructions will find themselves able to get in touch with the underlying causes of their unhappiness and suffering in life in a dignified, empowering way. In my practice at GracePlace Wellness, approximately 98% of my clients do indeed dissolve the underlying emotional root causes of their present life issues. The other 2% seem to be people who are simply not ready, for a variety of reasons to help themselves. Often this 2% have a ‘secondary gain’ reason for not wanting to heal, are in therapy to satisfy others or are the type who simply have an unproductive agenda, such as wanting to prove that hypnosis doesn’t work, or that they can’t be hypnotized.

Once the underlying emotional issues have been neutralized, the client finds themselves feeling calmer, safer and more satisfied with their lives. This magnificent change in perspective can lead to massive changes in a person’s life over time, because the more the person steadily applies the small positive changes they experience, the more positive change they tend to generate. Once the underlying emotional root-causes of their suffering has been dissolved, a properly guided and prepared client will easily and quickly interrupt all old negative thinking through mindfulness. In fact, research has shown that it takes approximately 21-30 days to change unwanted neural pathways if one is attentive and mindful.

There are a minority of clients however, who, despite being well aware that hypnotherapy is a self-healing modality, with the hypnotherapist being only their guide to healing, attend their sessions with the attitude ‘Here…fix me! and I don’t intend to do much to help you“. Of course such clients benefit from having the underlying issues resolved, but they may take years to change negative thinking patterns (neural pathways) and to create the magic that happens with the steady application of small changes .

So the short answer is indeed, YES, hypnotherapy does work. When the combination of a willing client and a competent, well trained hypnotherapist is in play, magic indeed can happen. To help you find a competent hypnotherapist, please review Choosing Your Hypnotherapist on my website.


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